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Coming in SHIPtember... | by Si-MOCs
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Coming in SHIPtember...


One Month.


One Hundred studs (plus).


Rules: Build SHIP must be 100 studs or longer between September 1st and October 1st. That's it!


How do I enter? Simple! Start building your SHIP starting on Sept 1st, and start posting WIP shots as you go so everyone can all praise your guts for building a SHIP in a month!

WIP and your final glory shots should be posted in the LEGO SHIP group:


What about [insert standard ship critiera]? We don't care, as long as it's a 100 studs [+] and you build it all in SHIPtember we'll be happy...

Though there will be Trophies for people that build a really good SHIP... ;)


Trophies?!?! Yup. Trophies. There will be a number of custom trophies that will be awarded in various categories. Categories will be Judged by a cabal of SHIPists who are not participating in the building (or will not be eligible for trophies/prizes). And there will also be a limited of Engraved/Printed Badges for participants


Engraved/Printed Badges!?!?. Yup, we got those covered too. What's a trophy without a nice engraved brick? And we got some extras for SHIP Builders, and maybe a few for non builders.


Wait? why are non builders getting prizes too? The way I see it, SHIP building doesn't have to be a solitary affair. It seems to be one of the few builds that people typically post WIP shots leading up to the final completed SHIP. Furthermore comments and critiques offered by the larger community may actually be incorporated into the final SHIP. So I'm hoping all builders and those that can't build will help encourage the courageous few who will be attempting to build a really cool SHIP in a month.




What is a SHIP? a S.H.I.P. is a Seriously Huge Investment in Parts and is at minimum 100 studs in length. Alternatively it has also been dubbed a S.eriously H.uge I.nvestement in T.ime...


What scale should the SHIP be? Any scale you want, Minifig, Micro, Frog, Chicken, whatever floats your SHIP - as long as it's 100+ studs.


Does it have to have an interior? It's up to you, It's not required, but definitely bonus marks if you do. Some contend that it's not a real SHIP without a kick butt interior.


Does it have to be swooshible? Again it's up to you. It's definitely high execution points if you do. But given the size and complexity of ships these days it may not be feasible for swooshing- especially given the time constraints. Short answer: no, longer answer - swooshing is fun.


What is the current record for the longest SHIP? I believe it's Adrian Drake's Tribunal at 487 studs... let's just say if someone can top that in SHIPtember, I have something very special in store for them.... not that it's a challenge... but I bet you can't do it.


100 studs in a month? that's easy! What else can I do to make this challenge actually hard? Well there Mr. or Ms. Overachiever - you can always make it BIGGER, or build a full interior, or make it swooshible, or add play features, or add motorized functions or all the above. You have one month... impress us.


What if I build a 1x100 stud ship? Then I will laugh and mock you till next SHIPtember and disqualify you for all the awesome trophies and prize(s).


It's August, why are you announcing this now? While you're not allowed to start building your SHIP till September, part of the SHIP building process is the preparation of building a SHIP, so we decided to give a one month 'sort/prep' lead time. So start mentally thinking of how you're going to make your SHIP / pre-cracklink.


Credit to Red Spacecat for awesome poster :)

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Taken on July 30, 2013