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FriendSHIP One -

FriendSHIP One (FS-1) is Planet HeartLake's first interstellar starship. Designed as an exploration vessel, FS-1 is a mobile habitat capable of carrying upwards of 40 Friends for years at a time! FS-1 contains a small assortment of defensive fighters and exploratory vessels - they are maintained and launched from the Pink Deck.


The ship consists of four decks:


Deck 1 - AKA Rainbow deck - contains the galley and crew / hibernation quarters (not built (yet))

Deck 2 - AKA Lime Deck - contains the engine room and maintenance areas. Most the ships repairs and routine maintenance are done here (Built by Ricecracker)

Deck 3 - AKA Azure Deck - contains the communications center and the science/medical labs. The bulk of the ships personnel work on this deck- plotting out the FS-1's flight path or inspecting any specimens they may encounter.

Deck 4 - AKA Pink Deck - contains the flight deck and ship hanger.




Built for the LEGO Store (Fairview) display window - this has been a long time request by the store employees.


Built from roughly 6 drum sets,3 salons, 2 vets, 1 convertables, 2 stables, 2 tree houses, a oliva's house and some random grab bags...


I'm sick of friends :P

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