• i like these !! - lego_mendes
  • Cheese!!! - Mattiusxavier
  • No, I think they're just 1x2 slopes... - gIadius
  • they are 1x2 slopes...

    I wanted to do it in cheese, but I didn't have the right snot brick...

    If I had to do it again I probably would have done a more standard construction... but I wanted to try to see how this would work.
  • Nice here! - Dregant

Micro Prometheus - Engines GO!

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The scientific vessel Prometheus lands on a distant moon LV-223.

I saw Prometheus before BrickWorld - I was really hoping someone built a big one...
No one did... so I decided to take a break from Brickworld post-Damage inspection to build my own!

As well I needed to build one for the to the "Mi-Fi" microscale LEGO contest:
(I also chose this because Halfbeak built every good sci-fi movie prior to 2012 :P )

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  1. ZephyrChaos 34 months ago | reply

    Oh that ship is nice! so, so nice.

  2. Empty Sandbox 34 months ago | reply

    Oh, this is so awesome! Is this Prometheus? They look very similar.

  3. Si-MOCs 34 months ago | reply

    Thanks :)

    You got it! (I took some liberties due to size, but I'm ecstatic someone figured it out (prior to desc))

  4. Grimthehappycow 34 months ago | reply

    Sweet! This makes me look even more forward to seeing the movie.

  5. [ Joeman ] 34 months ago | reply

    Haven't even seen the movie but I love the look of that ship!

  6. Mattiusxavier 34 months ago | reply

    Awesome Possum Simon! This is friggen cool! A+++

  7. PortaI [deleted] 34 months ago | reply

    That is so cool! The ship is amazing!

  8. TK-5487 34 months ago | reply

    oooooooooooo great job on this one!

  9. Legohaulic 34 months ago | reply

    That's beautiful Simon.

  10. Si-MOCs 34 months ago | reply

    Go see it in 3d. It's worth it. It's so pretty :)

    Thanks :)

    /blush it's really more Ridley Scott ... he made the ship I just copied it :D

  11. lost_scotsman 34 months ago | reply

    That is excellent!

  12. iKingSavage 16 months ago | reply

    Did this involve any molding?

  13. Si-MOCs 16 months ago | reply

    nope this is all 100 pure modified lego.
    Though that yellow cheese wedge is held in place by gravity. Besides that everything is completely attached.

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