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Pearson Class Troop Ship - Ride that C-Beam baby. | by Si-MOCs
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Pearson Class Troop Ship - Ride that C-Beam baby.

The Pearson class troopship is the backbone of the Colonial Marine fleet. Used primarily for troop movements and troop assaults, the Pearson Class Troopship is also capable of being retrofitted as a materials transport ship.


Like all Colonial Fleet's Faster Than Light (FTL) ships, the Pearson Class Troopship is 'propelled' by a Concentrated Beam of Excited Active Mass, or C-BEAM, of Higgs Boson . The Singularity Skip Drive (SSD) uses these non-zero vacuum expectation value to and extrapolates the Casimir effect to 'skip' between paired particles linked by quantum entanglement along the beam's Poynting vector. Much like climbing a ladder, this allows ships entering from one gate and 'skip' between rungs - light years apart - till eventually reaching the terminus gate.


Once out of the C-BEAM, ships use conventional ion thrust to navigate to their destination. As a consequence most of the colonial fleets are within a few days travel of a Gate entry point to allow quick deployments to any of the Gates under Colonial control.


While limited in numbers and extremely costly - the C-BEAM gate system allows for faster than light travel securely from entry gate to terminus gate. Thus eliminating the traditional need of ship escorts along hostile sectors. Though this requires the gates to be heavily fortified - as the loss of a gate would cut off the sector for decades.


It is rumoured that the Colonial Defense Force maintains a C-BEAM Alert Patrol with an battle fleet perpetually traveling along all paths in a relativistic stasis.


The Pearson Class Troopship is capable of landing/deploying on O class or higher planets. The entire division can be loaded as: all Air deployment (space or terrestrial), all Land deployment (for high gravity worlds or urban engagements) or a split between Air/Land deployment.


The standard troop assortment consists of:

10 Marine Squads.

4 Marine Specialized units.

1 Engineering Unit

1 Flight Crew

1 Ground crew


Standard Air craft assortment:

2- Estoc- Heavy Dropship

4- Flax - Gunships

8 - Baselard - Fighter Interceptors

2 - Dirk - Scout ships


Standard Land craft assortment:

2 - Aspis - Heavy Armoured tanks

4 - Scutum - APCs

8 - Parma HUMVEEs


[Yay! my first Micro ship :D]

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Taken on March 10, 2012