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The Tzu - aft

Empire Intel Dossier:


Bounty Hunter Sun


The origins of Bounty Hunter Sun are not known. He started making appearances several years ago, capturing men long thought to be dead.


From Intel gathered from his bounties, we have established that Sun is an intellectual first, and a fighter second. His methods are varied but tends to trap his pray with little or no fighting. Though we do have reports that when he is forced to engage in scuffles he easily out matches his opponents.


Once captured, his Bounties are placed in a secure holding cell with force beam bars. Unlike most Bounty Hunters ships the cell is directly adjacent to the ships cockpit - allowing Sun to talk or monitor the prisoner without the need of cameras or other monitoring devices.


We have also had multiple reports of Bounty Hunter Sun engaging in games with his captives - with the promise of freedom if the Bounty beats Sun - we have no confirmation if s/he would be true to their word - as no one has reported fairly beating Sun.


Bounty Hunter's Sun's Equipment:


Sun perpetually wears some sort of luminance face mask which has been seen to fluctuate in brightness depending on the situation. It is not known what species Sun is nor his appearance. While some speculate the helmet is to hide a disfigurement, others believe that the mask is donned to strike fear into its prey.


Sun's other most visible attribute is his Light Sabre staff. While he does not appear to be in tune with the Force, he does wield it comfortably. Reports show that s/he does not actually use the Light Sabre staff as a weapon - instead tends to use it as a visual and auditory distraction while s/he uses a blaster to actually subdue each bounty.


Bounty Hunter Sun's ship: The Tzu


The Tzu appears to be a retrofitted Cardonian Medical Transport Ship. Originally designed to retrieve and exfiltrate medical patients in war zones and rapidly transport them to Medical Stations. It seems logical that Sun would use this as the basis for the Bounty ship as it has the armour, the speed and maneuverability.


Sensor scans and photo reconnaissance can conclude that the Tzu has added two C class Ion Cannons to the Tzu, as well as a rear facing Ion Turret. It is speculated that the Tzu also has a host of counter-measures and other offensive weapons but the evidence is inconclusive - as no ship has ever survived combat against the Tzu.



Bounty Hunter Sun is considered extremely dangerous - he should not be approached or impeded. S/He does not appear to have any political affiliation and will work for the highest bidder.


Cleared for Bounty work.


End Empire Intel Dossier




My entry for FBTB MOC Madness contest.

Contest notes: Build out of 100% stock lego - 3 sets of PF lights and light brick, with occasional use of black lighting (Thanks Rook!)


Special thanks goes out to Nick, Iain, John, and Ken for their usual notes and suggestions!

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