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Fighter Showcase: Si-Ma.K 5150 Bow Fighter

Step right up into the Fighter Showroom! Step right up into the Fighter Showroom! Si Corp is pround to present the latest in short range autonomous fighter technology!


Visit our 360 Spinning show room!


The Si-Ma.K 5150 "Bow Fighter" builds upon the successful Si-Mak 42 platform, delivering the same cloud cluster fighting as the 42, but in a smaller and cheaper system base.


The 5150 Bow Fighter was designed for close in tight fighting with one or a cluster of Fighters in planetary, close orbit or close fleet operations. Unlike the 42, the 5150 requires a base of operations and has a smaller networked swarm range than the bigger 42 variant.


It is idea solution for rapid attacks or defence of specific sub light year zones.


The 5150 Bow Fighters squads are commonly called Fifty-One-Fifty due to perceived odds of fighting with (50:1), or against a cluster (1:50).


Which side of the odds do you want to be?


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I got this idea from chatting with some the guys online and someone remarked the picture look good, but wasn't sure how it'd look in 'real life' ... so i figured this was the next best thing!

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Uploaded on September 23, 2011