Moulding Machine - Exclusive - Built

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    The exclusive set for the LEGO Inside Tour - 2011.

    Very cool and relevant set... I've seen the REAL ones :D

    The set consists of two moulding machines, the first was a replica of the original hand operating injector back from 1949. The second, Larger one is copy of the current Moulder that LEGO uses today that ... well made the bricks that made this model :)

    Each model has working features - the little one can 'press' the mould together. Where as the large one has a little slot to put in 1x1 round plates in (or raw abs) , followed by a separate mechanism to 'press' the mould together. the little 1x1 round then drops down an incline and into the yellow basket below - where it waits to be whisked off by machines to storage.

    For anyone that can't make a tour, there's a fantastic documentary on LEGO which includes a lot of what we saw on the tour:

    Time Lapse of build:

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    1. IcedPlusCoffee 35 months ago | reply

      I could only dream to have the money to join the trip...
      but ticket from asia over there is already expersive....

    2. Si-MOCs 35 months ago | reply

      You should save up! if you save up like $200 a years, you can join me when I go again in 10 years ;)

      Yeah - HK is kinda far and expensive to fly from / to... but look on the bright side - you get to go to that awesome HK Lego show every year!

    3. gruntzooki 35 months ago | reply

      May I blog this?

    4. Si-MOCs 35 months ago | reply

      Feel free.
      you can find a detailed review i wrote here:

    5. Leonbonzai 34 months ago | reply

      how can I get one of this?

    6. Si-MOCs 33 months ago | reply

      These aren't available anymore, they were a gift for people that went on the Lego Inside Tour.

    7. moldo2 27 months ago | reply

      Hello there. First I'd like to thank you for the awesome pictures here! Great job :D I actually designed the prototype leading to this model, but unfortunately I have not been able to get my hands on either the model, nor the instructions. I have spoken to LEGO several times, but without luck. So I was wondering if you could somehow scan the instructions and send the files to me please? It would be awesome! Any kind of help will be very appreiciated :) Thankyou very much.

    8. The'Murican 7 months ago | reply

      Would you mind making a video of the features?

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