A World without Words

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    Ever wondered how a world without words would be? Would it be better, or worse? Would the silence be unbearable or a relief?

    Words can bring happiness, but they can hurt in so many ways. A word is often enough to ruin a friendship, to break a relationship, to cause a war or to bring an end to an ideology. Because they are so powerful, it's very easy to misuse them - isn't it fun to say all those words during an argue? Even if you didn't mean them, they leave permanent stains.

    Hence, maybe a world without words is a better place. Maybe we employ them just because we're too coward to do the things that we want to; maybe we speak them because we're just afraid to let others know what we feel.

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    1. weef kichards 64 months ago | reply

      I heard someone asking why hurting someone with a fist is always considered worse than hurting someone with words - so that, if you're not that good with words, you're supposed to not fight back and just let your 'weakness' be confirmed.
      I'd say, let it flow. People should talk more, and not leave the other guessing, interpretating or fill in the verbal voids and missing links.

    2. [fuad] [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

      i have to say i really enjoy this picture. The lighting is what really drags me here... and the framing is just perfect for this picture.

      if you think rationally, if not words, other means of communication would have been established, if not... people would just start to kill each other at one point =)... Imagine what happens when two people from different cultures and ethnicity meet... a "V" sign made by two fingers is a victory for one country and a totally different for another =) and not in a good way =)

      Hence, people would just end up killing each other over nothing =) A world without words, is a world lost before it began... =) but that is just my view.

    3. Cristian V. 64 months ago | reply

      weef kichards - I like how you've put it and I can't really say anything to contradict it. Words are above any physical aggression - and if we used them more efficiently, things would be definitively better.

      [fuad] - I have a contra-example :) - you've mentioned the "V" sign that can mean different things for different cultures. But words are the same as well - for example the word "bread" can refer to a food, while in another language it can be an insult. Isn't it the same as with gestures? But I do understand your point, maybe words got us out of caves and were (and still are) the ground basis of civilization.

      I think I might have expressed myself a bit incorrectly (words again!). After seeing both your comments, I have to agree that words played and continue to play a major role in our life. They aren't necessary bad, though they can be. But again, sometimes it's better to do something than say it. And I think that's what I was feeling when I wrote that - words by definition are imperfect, they attempt to describe something that already exists. If we were to consider the misrepresentation of truth a lie, then every word would be a lie because it cannot represent it fully.

      Sometimes a smile means more than a phrase. Sometimes a touch feels more than a poem. But an essay probably means more than a punch. Hmm ... interesting conclusion :).

      Thank you both for your feed back and ideas.

    4. [fuad] [deleted] 64 months ago | reply


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