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I'm not here to pick sides in the Blue Angels debate.


I understand there are strong feelings both pro- and con-.


Most Seattleites take them for granted, an annual summer rite for which they harbor nostalgic attachment. Others cite serious problems with the window-rattling flyovers--they trigger PTSD in veterans and refugees, scare pets, and wake up babies.


Some celebrate them as a heroic example of what keeps America safe. Those concerned about rampant militarism decry their stated function as a recruitment tool for the Navy.


What everyone agrees on is they ain't cheap--about $1.2 M for a few minutes of death defying entertainment.


What positive takeaways do their proponents claim?


Well, they exemplify teamwork and Yankee ingenuity. Granted. So how about instead of spending $1.2 million scaring the hell out of the city we give all the kids in the area a free pass to the Museum of Flight? It would cost about the same. Cool planes on display and more, plus added lessons about the principles and history of flight.


They might even be inspired to do further research into how jet planes were used in Korea and China 1950-53 Guatemala 1954 Indonesia 1958 Cuba 1959-1961 Guatemala 1960 Congo 1964 Laos 1964-73 Vietnam 1961-73 Cambodia 1969-70 Guatemala 1967-69 Grenada 1983 Lebanon 1983 Libya 1986 El Salvador 1980s Nicaragua 1980s Iran 1987 Panama 1989 Iraq 1991 Kuwait 1991 Somalia 1993 Bosnia 1994, 1995 Sudan 1998 Afghanistan 1998 Yugoslavia 1999 Yemen 2002 Iraq 1991-2015 Afghanistan 2001-2015 Pakistan 2007-2015 Somalia 2007-8, 2011 Yemen 2009, 2011 Libya 2011, 2015 Syria 2014-2015 and...?

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Uploaded on September 8, 2016