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"X" (and "O") marks the spot

this photo was daddy's idea - just for fun, we plan on sending a copy of it and a crayola hand-written version of the "letter of intent" (as seen in the comments below) for national signing day in February


to say our son is "Sooner born and Sooner bred" would be an understatement - his parents are both Oklahoma alum and diehard OU football fans


during college bowl season and the NFL playoffs, daddy has been working on teaching our big boy all about football - he can now throw his arms in the air and squeal "touchdown!" after a big score, and says "uh oh" whenever an interception or flag is thrown


his footballs (both stuffed and leather) are constant companions, and anything and everything we have with footballs on it (books, cups, etc.) are prized possessions


I'm honestly not sure what made his daddy more proud - the first time our son actually said "football" - or during the NFC Championship game last weekend when he exclaimed "Beer! Beer! Beer!" as a Budweiser commercial came on (and daddy doesn't even drink it in front of him) - one of life's little "slow-motion, single teardrop" moments


ahhhhhhh...boys! it don't get much better than this!


UPDATE: Coach Stoops replied to his letter of intent below!


added to "Competition #27 - TEACH" - and "Simon Says: Got Game!"


23 months old - 01.24.06

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