Self Portraits
2007-2011, aged 17-21

Im not sure if i should encourage my self portraiture... hopefully this doesnt come across at all like vanity or an amatures attempt at "modelling". So... yeah, judge me all you like, I like making images, dont have much time for people who say I cant be in them as well sometimes.

When Im in my photos its because I have an idea and an image that i suddenly feel like creating and often its with a figure,(always really)

Its a selfish thing, sometimes I want to create every little piece. And nothing gets diluted when youre in the image at every stage, from capture to button pushing to editing...and it's fun too

though sometimes, its simply that noone else is willing to get under the gutter, or noone else is home.

Comments are very welcome- this isnt about me, its about my photos. And we're both pretty average and looking for feedback for improvement
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