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The Munji Ceremony

Upanayana ("near-sight") or Munji, also called "sacred thread ceremony", is commonly known for being a Hindu and a Jain Sanskar, rite-of-passage ritual, where the concept of Brahman or Jain is introduced to a young boy. Traditionally, the ceremony was performed to mark the point at which boys began their formal education.


In Jainism and Hinduism, the ceremony is performed on boys of at least 8 years of age. During the ceremony the youngster is taught the secret of life. The child then becomes qualified for life as a student or Brahmacharya, as prescribed in the Manusmriti.


The hallmark of having gone through the Upanayana or Munji ceremony is the wearing of the Yajñopavītam (Sacred Thread) on the body. It denotes that one who wear the sacred thread should be pure in his thought, word and deed. The sacred thread reminds a Brahmachari to lead a regulated life with purity in his thought, word and deed. These threads also represent the debt that is owed to the guru, parents and society.

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Taken on May 6, 2009