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Hi everyone! :) I've been tagged a couple time a little while ago but I never got around to doing one of these! It's finals week and my heads been all over the place, bare with me...


Okay 10 things...


1. I am currently 5 foot one and a half. Yes, I count halves.

2. I have a pen in my purse that hasnt worked for about a half a year. It was my favorite and it's hard for me to let it go.

3. I'm a very unorganized kind of person. And I wouldnt have it any other way.

4. When I get really excited about something, I tend to talk really fast and get kinda light headed.

5. I love The Office. I can play the theme song on the piano and I am currently awaiting a tshirt in the main.

6. My dream is to someday live in an abandoned fire house like they did in princess diaries. That would be my artsy cinderblock haven.

7. I have THE WORST sense of direction. ever. ever.

8. I burp a lot. It makes my sister hate me. :)

9.I absolutley love the tv show Friends. I borrowed the entire series from my sisters friend, and watched all 10 seasons in 4 months. Okay 3. Don't judge me. It was summer. Actually, it wasnt... okay, you can judge me.

10.I have really lame dreams sometimes. Seriously, I thought dreams are supposed to be intresting. In some of mine, I just walk around. WHATTA SNOOOOZER.


Anyways, I just also wanted to say that the communitiy here on flickr is just so great and all of you are so wonderful and I love seeing everything everyone does and giving feedback and getting feedback. Honestly I was so afraid that I was just going to be another account here on flickr that sits there, unoticed. But you guys make me feel so good and I just hope I can do the same. :) Thank you! :)


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Taken on January 13, 2011