Bozo Aalto
I'm sad to report that my grandpa Wilbert Everet Aalto, aka "Bozo" died yesterday, August 27th, 2008.

Bozo was known as Mr Reedley, as in Reedley, California where he was born and lived for 93 years. He was given the name "Bozo" when he was in grade school, well before the famous clown came around, when the name just meant "a guy". Over the years, he became the guy to see if you wanted to get something done around town. He was a farmer, a father, a car salesman and the chief of the Reedley fire department. He sat on the board of directors of numerous organizations, helped start the yearly Reedley Fiesta celebration and the Reedley airport. He played the bass drum for years in the Reedley community band, reigned as "King of Reedley" for one year and canned the most kick ass hot peppers that you have ever tasted. He was also featured on the cover of the Gluey Brothers album, "Stiff for the Elders".

Some people live their lives in the spotlight, and Bozo was surely one of those people. He made Reedley the town that it is today and on Monday, September 8th, he will be laid to rest there- but not until after a procession through town atop his old fire engine with his bass drum at his side.

Farewell Grandpa Bozo. I can only hope to accomplish a fraction of what you were able to in life.
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