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Day One Hundred and Fourteen: There Is Always Hope | by mady •
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Day One Hundred and Fourteen: There Is Always Hope

There will come a time, in your life and in mine, when everything falls apart. The very world will force you to your knees and your heart will be torn from your chest. You will try to press your fingers to the wound, try to force the seams of your existence back together, but it will be no use. That wound will burn inside you, and it feels as if it will never heal. You'd be heartbroken, if you still had a heart left. This is the first day.


The second day comes. At first, you don't realize what that dull throb is. The details are hazy, as if from a dream, but in one piercing moment you remember it all and it is as if you are doused in the coldest of water. You are drowning in your pain, in your suffering. Oh, but you go through the motions and cover your wound, not with a bandage, but with a false smile as you carefully tread water. The ache of your brokenness makes life unbearable. You wish to end it all, right then. You wish that the wound in your chest would consume you whole.


But this isn't the end of your story. No, there is a third day. And on the third day, miracles happen. You will be pulled from that icy water and made whole.


Right now, you are stuck in the second day, when all seems lost and pointless, and it feels as if there will never be an end. But there is hope, there is always hope, and you must know that there is love and light and a third day awaiting you.


Inspired by last night's church sermon, this photo, and the saviour of my soul.

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Taken on April 24, 2011