Chilton Printing Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Postcard

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    Date: Circa 1920
    Source Type: Postcard
    Publisher, Printer, Photographer: Chilton Printing Company
    Postmark: None
    Collection: Steven R. Shook
    Remark: Chilton Printing Company began operations in July 1896 under the name Cycle Trade Journal, which was also the name of a periodical published by the company. In March 1904, the company adopted the name Chilton Company, selecting its name from the list of passengers on the Mayflower. The company was renamed in 1907 as Chilton Printing Company. Beginning in 1911, the company published Commercial Car Journal, and eventually merged their periodical Automobile Trade Journal to Motor Age magazine in February 1912. United Publishers Corporation purchased Chilton Printing Company in 1923 for slightly more than $1.6 million. During financial hardship in the early 1930s, J. Howard Pew provided a cash infusion to the company and it was reorganized and reincorporated as Chilton Company in 1934. In 1979, the company was purchased by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and made it an operating unit of ABC Publishing. Capital Cities purchased ABC in 1985, thereby owning the the Chilton Company unit. In 1996, Walt Disney Company purchased Capital Cities, and finding Chilton Company units outside its core business, split up the company by selling the units. Reed Elsevier purchased the Chilton Building and magazine division in 1997 for $444 million; The Hearst Company purchased the Chilton professional automotive assets; and Nichols Publishing purchased the Chilton consumer automotive group assets and brand. In 2001, Nichols Publishing sold the do-it-yourself automotive print manuals to Haynes Publishing Group, and sold its remaining assets to Thomson Learning in 2003. In 2007, Thomson Learning became Cengage Learning. As of 2011, Cengage Learning continues to publish and license the professional and consumer automotive products and assets under the Chilton brand name. The structure seen in this image still stands [ca. 2011] at the corner of 49th Street and Market Street, now housing a meat company.

    MARKET & 49TH ST.

    We make millions of 4 color process cards (of which this is a specimen) for both advertisers and the post card trade. State quantities you can use and we will promptly quote prices. You supply the drawings or photographs and we do the rest.

    We are one of the largest Post Card Printers in America.

    Multiple color work - the highest achievement in the printing craft - is a Chilton Specialty. There is no style of printing, plain or elaborate, which does not come within the scope of Chilton quality, and the result is always the same, viz.; high-grade work at reasonable prices.

    you are cordially invited to call and make an inspection of the DAYLIGHT PLANT of the

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