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Antwerp - Abandoned Hospital Corridor with Obligatory Empty Chair

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A two-for-one - both corridor pr0n and empty chair pr0n. A repost of one of my most popular photos, this time larger for more detail, and processed from raw using Light Room.

Taken during my very first urbex experience - my cherry - into Antwerp's abandoned military hospital during my big "Things Fall Apart" tour of Western Europe in 2005 (after 4 years I have still not been able to find out the actual name of this hospital - driving me crazy). I got locked inside this place twice, if you can believe it. The first time in the evening as a storm was approaching, and I ended up having to wait inside an orthodox Hebrew primary school with two Polish cleaning ladies who told me (it turned out otherwise, thank god) that they (and I) were locked inside the school until 8 in the morning. The second time was the time this pic was taken. A wing of this hospital is still active, used for caring for WWII war vets, and the gate for the abandoned part is inside the gate for the active part. I just walked in both gates early in the morning of Belgium's national holiday, and returned to the inner gate a half hour later to check on it and found it closed and locked. Eventually I found a building that bordered on the parking lot of the active wing, and found the one window that wasn't barred and was openable. One of my proudest moments in life was not just bolting at that point. I turned around, went back into the depths of the complex, and finished my photos for another couple of hours. Then I bolted. :-)

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  1. jeroen_bennink 74 months ago | reply

    Where do you find all these abandoned buildings? They're awesome

  2. Shoes on Wires 74 months ago | reply

    Just look around, keep your eyes open. The few in Europe I visited I found out about online from a friend who has been doing this stuff a long time. At that time, in 2005, there wasn't too much stuff out there written about it, but now there is tons. Just search "ue" or "urbex" or "urban exploration" and the city you are interested in. And do some research about being prepared - it is both dangerous and illegal.

  3. liveinreality 74 months ago | reply

    What a waste. This corridor has so much light.

  4. Shoes on Wires 73 months ago | reply

    liveinreality - The entire complex is actually quite beautiful, with some fabulous architecture and some large interior spaces. Some of the corridors were large enough to drive a truck down.

    The Neon Leaf - Thanks much. :-)

  5. dug_da_bug 73 months ago | reply

    wow! you've done yourself proud with that one.

    great shot & processing

  6. Shoes on Wires 73 months ago | reply

    Thanks very much, dug_da_bug.

  7. dug_da_bug 73 months ago | reply

    how long did the pòst production take?

  8. Shoes on Wires 73 months ago | reply

    dug_da_bug - Hm, maybe half an hour or so?

  9. Timothy.Dairmont 71 months ago | reply

    It is called the 'MHA' which in dutch means 'Militair Hospitaal/Arsenaal '
    (Military hospital/arsenal ) It's near the trainstation in Berchem.

    There's a website about it, but it's only available in dutch.
    But I can translate it if you are interested.


    There are plans to knock it down and build flats there i'm afraid.

  10. Shoes on Wires 71 months ago | reply

    ribcage01 - Thanks for the info. I take it that website belongs to the developer. A real shame, but ultimately predictable, I suppose.

  11. Motochileiro 61 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called O Mundo sem Ninguém - Life after People, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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