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    Zadi and I were tagged by Steve Garfield and Chris Brogan to play Blog-Tag with "5 Things You Didn't Know About Me." I probably need to set up a real blog, I guess, but Flickr is kind of my blog these days...

    1. I'm a painter and digital artist. I went to Pratt Institute and studied fine art to become a painter in college. I've exhibited my paintings across the country, though I've been too busy as of late to spend any time making new ones.

    2. I never miss (thanks to DVR): 30 Rock, The Office, This Old House, Smallville.

    3. From ages 8-10, I was in and out of hospitals for recurring surgeries on a rare bone condition in my leg, missing over a year of school and spending 6 months in bed, 6 months on crutches, and 6 months in a wheelchair. My cousin later developed a similar problem in his arm, though less serious, and we were the first family members to prove to the medical community that the condition was genetic.

    4. I am a huge New York City history buff. There is no place on Earth with a more fascinating history, imo.

    5. My favorite author is Stephen King.

    So now I'm tagging Rick Rey, Eric Rey, Rudy Jahchan, Chuck Olsen, and Kenyatta Cheese.

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    1. Zadi Diaz ages ago | reply

      babe! :)

    2. Vu Bui ages ago | reply

      Dude... now I know. Very cool.

    3. aloof representative [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Very cool. I just read Zadi's as well. Good to know these types of things. Brings us all a little closer. Thanks for sharing.

    4. Rick Rey ages ago | reply

      This is fun. Check out my answers here. Thanks Steve.

    5. ericrey ages ago | reply

      Consider it DONE

    6. luxuriant finger [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Wow... bringing it into Flickr. Now *this* is neato. Of course, I did a videoblog iteration on the next round.

    7. mike ambs ages ago | reply

      Wha! In your list of shows you never miss - you forgot to list 'Studio 60'! Right? :)

      I love city-history... next time we hang out you can unload your wealth of historical info' on me.

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