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Twitter 6x6

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This pic (link) that Sean Bonner posted started this mini-meme. He writes: "Twitter sorts your "Following" list by when they joined Twitter, so people who have been using Twitter longer are at the top. I don't know if this is good or bad, but it's an interesting approach and I think the only YASNS that does this."

My Twitter, btw: twitter.com/stevewoolf

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  1. missbhavens ages ago | reply

    OH! I wondered what kind of strange order they were in! I couldn't figure it out!

  2. groundctrl ages ago | reply

    yeah, i noticed that a while ago. now i'm on every twitter list because i joined so early... it means that a lot of people ask me to be friends with them.

  3. ChiliMac ages ago | reply

    Well, that's my one thing learned today. Actually I'm glad to know that. There have been times it's driven me crazy.

  4. bonniegrrl ages ago | reply

    ha nice! funny thing is, I follow so few people I don't actually have a full grid. Doh!

  5. ekai ages ago | reply

    i noticed this too. woh, i'm older school than scobleizer.

  6. camzgonzales15 72 months ago | reply

    Follow me camzgonzales15. ;)

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