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LEGO TOKYO - THE FALL | by Shobrick
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25 January 2038, 6:45 a.m.


As the sun is rising on Neo Tokyo's no man's land, Preacher who is the only survivor of his squad, is running for his life. The killing machine, which slaughtered his brothers in arms, is relentlessly chasing him through the wreckage.

Preacher is running for ages through the ruins, zizaging, getting in narrow spaces to buy some time. But the mecha is so agile that he can not lose it.

Preacher is exhausted, he perfectly knows his body is on the point of droping him. He is reaching the edge of the highway that has been cutted in half by airstikes. The mecha is getting closer, he can almost feel its mechanical breath on his back. Preacher would rather risk everything than to get grabbed and crushed by the machine's claws.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, he jumps off the bridge as the mecha is trying to reach him out with its arm.


Here is the last picture of the Lego Tokyo series and my last lego picture !

It is the largest diorama I've ever putted in stage, using almost all the buildings built for the series. It is a bit frustrating to see that we finaly only see the top of the building on the right behind the highway, which is a full half destroyed building. We only see a fraction of it haha, but composition goes first.


The lighting and the posing was the most challenging things on this frame. First to make clear that the minifig is jumping on purpose from the bridge instead of just falling was really tricky. I had to make several long shots to find the right way to do it.


As for the lighting the idea was to get a sun rising and orange and reddish look to get a Blade Runner vibe. It mixes continious light and flash. The background is a matte painting that I had to continiously repaint because there was too much red, there still is too much to my taste.


Next, I will uploaded 3 making of video for the main 3 pictures of the Lego Tokyo series. You will have a really complete behind the scene insides from all the steps from bulding the set, to the shooting.


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Uploaded on November 5, 2018