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LEGO TOKYO - RECON | by Shobrick
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25 January 2038, 3 a.m.


Three us navy seals special operators have been deployed in Neo Tokyo' no man’s land for a recon mission.

Earlier in the day, US army staff lost contact with an entire light armored platoon. The 42 soldiers are KIA and seemed to have engaged fire with an unidentified enemy.


The mission is simple : infiltrate the crime scene and discover what forces annihilated the platoon.


Corporal Preacher, privates Stump & Rabbit are getting closer, they have climbed to a high point to get a better view on the street. Everything seems extremely quiet, smoke dances in the breeze, a few drops of water are still falling from the rooftops after an heavy rain.

The soldiers are enjoying this suspended moment, even though they perfectly know it could just be the calm before the storm...


This is the first picture of my last lego series !

Everything is done in camera as usual, so few retouch here, just to combine smoke and water drops from different shots. The foreground was build from scratch, from extruded polystyrene actually. And the background uses two buildings made with polystyrene and cardboard. The advertising billboards are customs too. It is made with printed designs on Plexiglas and we have built small light box behind it using ruba Led.


I have worked on building the set pieces with two set designers from the cinema industry, Paul De Laroche, Frédéric Mercier and his son Antoine Mercier. The billboards were also engineered with the director of photography Olivier Tresson.


You probably noticed that the soldiers are made with Tiny Tactical's awesome gear. Make sure to have a look at their website :


After uploading the whole serie expect some making of videos and shots. :-)


I hope you will enjoy this one. Let me know what you think in the comments below !

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Taken on June 20, 2018