Olamot Sci-Fi/Fantasy Con - Second Day
These are photos that were taken on the second day of the www.olamot-con.org.il/2013/ conference in Tel Aviv, Israel. During the previous day, some people on freenode.net/ asked for evidence ("pics or it did not happen") so I decided to bring a good Canon camere we have along and take and upload a lot of photos.

I spent most of the time at the stand dedicated to open source software, where I ended up advocating the causes: Firefox, Fedora (we got CDs), the Ubunchu comics, and answering people's questions. I used Wikipedia as an analogy for what large-scale Internet collaborations can achieve (like "Everyone donates a brick, and in return, everyone gets their own house.").

As you can see, a lot of people came dressed in various exotic customes, and there were many hot and really cool geeks there (not an oxymoron, apparently), including many (or even mostly) - female. I can highly recommend such conferences, which may even be crazier and more fun in .us.

Anyway, while most people on the street don't like their photos taken, here many people were happy for that.

I'd like to upload these photos to Facebook too, but I may have to batch reduce their size for that , because uploading so many photos is time consuming.
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