10 of 365: twilight... babe style

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Day 10 of 365 babe-a-lorful photos!
Chloé has not really been the best sport when it has come to this project. Taking these photos with her has been trying to say the least.

Part of it is my fault. I’m telling her to do things, act natural, but make this face, just be yourself, run, walk, sit, stare, funny, happy, throw your arms out, just be a kid, twirl around, no, yes, no, yes.

Poor fucking kid. She wasn’t feeling it most of these days. Complaining and whining about it mostly. But when asked about it later, she the idea of it in theory.

So I told her the other day after shooting her day 9 photo that if she doesn’t have a better attitude about it, we’ll just stop. No hard feelings. But I don’t need to parade around with whimpering kid every damn night asking if “are we done yet?” just to get a good picture out.

Maybe this was the wrong medium to showcase my cool kid?

Well if so, you couldn’t tell by this photo. I think it’s badass and one of my favorites ever. As a matter of fact I don’t think I’ve ever been able to produce a photo like this before.

We found this bench and the sun had just gone done. The good lighting you see was coming from field lights of the soccer game being played next to us. It provided an almost strobe-like effect for the lighting on my little rockstar.

And her attitude? Pretty good this time. I even gave her a little prize. But I don’t know if we’re going to be able to do this everyday.

to be continued…

February 24th, 2010

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  1. dream.crb 50 months ago | reply

    Ok back,, maybe a 52...?

  2. eweliyi 50 months ago | reply

    Just don't be to pushy on her and you will do just great!

  3. Dr. Ilia 50 months ago | reply

    beautiful color
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  4. Kyle_Butler 50 months ago | reply

    I was so excited when I saw this picture I did a back flip. However, I was in a sleeping bag...so it got really weird. My cat looked at me as though he no longer accepted me as his owner. Then I realized I had no cat, and wondered why this creature was in my home!

    See, your photo has set off a chain of events that not even Ashton Kutcher could fix!

  5. bruiseasily 50 months ago | reply

    I LOVE her honesty!! This is a gorgeous shot, the location is so rad! I promise you that you are so blessed that she will roll with you on this, I almost have to bribe my kiddo to even point my camera in his direction lol

    **Chloe ~ you so totally rock sweetie!!

  6. b*wag 50 months ago | reply

    It's a great moment you've captured., the carefree expression. These unposed, natural shots are my favorite.

  7. cyntography 50 months ago | reply

    Your description is so funny :D She's such a typical kid. That's so awesome. Some little girls grow up too fast and want to emulate celebrities so would be all over this photo shoot thing. I am happy to hear that Chloe seems to just want to be herself. Take pride!
    This shot really seems to grasp her individuality. Nicely done!

  8. sosij 50 months ago | reply

    What a kid she is, I wish I knew you both.
    Do it when shes up for it, I love it when I ask my two if they want to be in my picture and they love that, but only when they want to.

    Shes a sweetheart, but then you know that.

  9. Fly bye! 50 months ago | reply

    :-) Lovely shot! The lighting in this is superb and so is Chloe, she takes after you in attitude. ;-)

  10. hernan.seoane 50 months ago | reply

    great work! congrats!

  11. Normand Desjardins Café•Moka Personnel/Personal 50 months ago | reply

    I just started to look at your stream. hoooo... good work man. Will follow from now for sure.

  12. Dаz 50 months ago | reply

    D'you know . . . I also think this is one of your best photos. Everything about it is just right. The twinkling lights in the background, the floodlights-as-strobes, Chloe sitting perfectly symmetrically posed - perfect.

  13. Christina** 50 months ago | reply

    The mood here is just wonderful :) Amazing capture :)

  14. Rivka Photography [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

    Havent been on flickr for a while, and it's great to see how your girl is growing up! I thin the 365 of her will be great, good luck :)

  15. astro twilight 50 months ago | reply

    very cool, love the city bokeh.

    Seen in the group"Alameda, CA" (?)

  16. jackn888 49 months ago | reply

    aw, this photo is amazing!!! Luckily my daughter likes modeling for me most of the times.

    Good luck!

  17. cambiodefractal 48 months ago | reply

    mmm, so tender, wonderful lights and colors.

  18. zzz00000 [deleted] 31 months ago | reply

    A wonderful shot!!!!
    : )

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