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365 Day 327* | by pimpexposure
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365 Day 327*

What the hell is social networking? Is it a way to keep in touch with your family and real life friends on the internet? Or is it more like a building of an online community consisting of random people around the world? Or some combination of the two?


I guess it depends on what website you’re on and what your purpose is.


If you have ever read anything I’ve wrote under my 365 photos, you’ll notice that it has taken me up to this day 327 to ever mention the following word: flickr. Not a single word about the people I’ve met, the groups I’ve participated in, or anything about the culture of this website.


My reason for this? Well my ultimate goal was to put all of this shit into a massive book when I’m done. Does Chloé want to read about the drama about some random fuckface on flickr who doesn’t like me or a girl on flickr who I thought was hot 20 years from now?


Answer: Not so much.


That would be like being forced to watch old episodes of Small Wonder on constant repeat. And by the way how the fuck did a show about a girl robot pretending to be a real girl last 4 years on TV?!


Anyway why even mention flickr now? Well on the last picture I posted it made quite a stir all across the spectrum that seemed like I was idolized and demonized at the same time.


And I got to thinking that almost none of these people know me. Nearly all haven’t met me and won’t for that matter.


So why do I even put it all my thoughts and ideas out there in the first place. For what? I’m pretty okay with all the feedback even the negative ones, but occasionally I do want to shy away from all of this. Taking a lashing from random people can take its toll. Why don’t I just keep a journal and do the pictures just the same without showing it to everyone?


I guess it’s for recognition of what I do and have to say. It’s nice to hear how people like my shit or agree with me or understand me at least. There is no denying that, right?


In some cases with I’ve actually earned some people that don’t like me and can’t stand the shit out of me. I guess no matter what I say with too much of that “suck my cock” and “fuck this” and “fuck that”, will bring with it the un-fan club. The un-fans are welcome here too. I have never deleted a single comment or blocked anyone.


But really? If you think about it, it’s really fucking strange that we as humans are developing online societies out of random people connected by wires and radio signals. And from that we develop various levels of relationships with each other. I mean in some ways it’s almost like a virtual high school with the different types of people, cliques, and rumors.


Without physically meeting people I’ve formed various levels of “friendship” with many on here. Likewise I’ve actually built a certain reputation with whoever might be viewing this.


How much of this shit on the internet is just an illusion for you? And how much of it takes up your life? You know, what percentage of your existence is based online with these virtual people? How involved are you?


I guess it boils down to this for me: I am posting a picture of my goddamn face with accompanying massive description just for you to tell me if you like it or not. The whole idea behind that is kind of silly really. It’s like putting me on display in a sense.


The photo at hand? This is one of those days where I just wanted to get this fucker done and over with. So with the sun going down after work, I took the babe around the abandoned Naval Air station and took a few face shots with the sun going down as the reflection in my glasses. That building you see in my lens? It is an old hangar turned into a distillery called Hangar One - St Georges Spirits.


The album at hand? This band is simply one of the rawest and downright coolest bands of last decade. That’s right bitch, we can officially say we’re in a new decade and this band pretty much is one of the highlights of the last one. As the White Stripes who rocked the same idea of bringing back rock music at its purest form with 2 band members, these guys did too but offered a more blues type sound than the Stripes garage sound. And I think the Black Keys are catchier. Like – every damn song you find yourself going “How did I not ever own this before”. It is THAT good.


Location: Abandoned Naval Air station; Alameda, California

Taken: October 27th, 2009

Posted: February 4th, 2010

Album of the Day: Rubber Factory by The Black Keys

Video: 10AM Automatic by The Black Keys


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Taken on October 29, 2009