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365 Day 293* | by pimpexposure
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365 Day 293*








I do not own the equipment to properly label myself as such. I do not own the knowledge to proclaim myself as one. I have never taken a class on it. I’ve never even been on a photowalk with other aspiring “photographers”. And I’m not sure I even want to be one.


They all seem snobby as fuck. Fuck them. Whatever “them” is?


I guess I don’t even know what the fuck a “photographer” is.


Is it somebody who takes photographs of weddings and engagements and other monotonous affairs? Is it somebody who can properly gage a photograph in the one thirds aspect for a perfect composition? Is it somebody who goes to Iraq and risks their life to capture life in a faraway land? Or is it somebody who owns 12 lenses and 3 cameras and runs around with 2 assistants taking photos around the world of landscapes, random people, flowers, graffiti, or wild life animals?


Or is it just somebody who is able to sell their fine prints for $100 a pop and make a living out of it? I think anyone who can properly pull this off I would unquestionably label a photographer.




Not so much.


Take for example the photo you see here. I went to the park one day to bang out my daily 365 photo. My kid was playing on the swings and dicking around with another young kid. I took about 30 photos of myself around sunset walking against a chalked wall smoking a cigarette. I know enough about photography or at least about my camera that I knew I wanted to blur my body. It was easy at sunset. I just set my shutter to about 1/6th of a second and adjusted my aperture as such to achieve proper exposure. I took a shit load of shots. Then I combined them into one as seen.


I fucked with the colors, contrast, shadows, highlights, levels, curves, and other elements within my post processing.






But seriously.


For me, this is more of an art project than anything else. The colors are manipulated. The four components of myself are manipulated. The blur is actually in-camera. I guess it took a tiny bit a know-how to do that.


The photo at hand? Me doing many shots of myself walking against a chalkboard in a playground while my kid played. The father of the kid my daughter was playing with actually was kind of staring at me the entire time out of the corner of his eye. I could tell he was like, “what the fuck is this guy doing?!?!”


Thank god the little girl I am in total care of takes away from the weird creepy odd factor when she proclaimed me her “Daddy” upon running up to me.


The album below? Dude. It’s a TOTAL CLASSIC!! It practically invented punk. And it reinvented everything you know as indie rock or anything cool that is listen to today. If you don’t own this, you are a loser. And you should just go hang your head in shame. And then you should just go listen to Britney Spears because that is all you are good for.


Location: Lincoln Park (not the stupid band); Alameda, California

Taken: September 24th, 2009

Posted: October 24th, 2009 (OH MY GOD THE SAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Album of the Day: Ramones by Ramones

Video: Blitzkrieg Bop by Ramones



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Taken on September 24, 2009