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365 Day 130*

Talk about kind of dorky?


I mean I like this photo. A little bit. Sort of?


I took it on top of an abandoned navy building 3 stories up after work with my kid yelling “Daddy I have to go potty” many levels down below. How selfish of me? Ahhh….. life of a single father. Constantly fulfilling the needs of his growing daughter. That might be why this picture sucks, I only took a few shots because she had to take a piss.


I digress… just today I got these new glasses as seen. They are not quite “hot” like my former aviators (which I stepped on and broke by the way). They sure as hell help me see a lot.


For the record (that’s my new favorite saying lately) – I’m not only colorblind, my ass is legally blind without glasses.


Let me explain my vision which is 20/200.


For someone with regular vision, which is 20/20, my legally blind ass would have to move 20 yards away from a subject for the same regular normal vision person to see it to the same way 200 yards away. Yes, my eyes are 20/TWO HUNDRED vision.


We’re talking 2 football fields folks. My eyes are fucked up.


At least they look cool. Blue and all, girls always seem to like that shit. At least my mom drilled that in my head growing up how much girls will fall for me for my eyes. She told me that till I was blue (no pun intended) in the face.


Hahaha okay mom? I’m 31 and still single and not married and don’t have any potential mate in life. These baby blues aren’t working. I can’t even see color or anything OUT of them? I feel like they are a stupid brainless supermodel trapped in my skull basically accomplishing nothing for me but looking good. My eyes that is.


Fuck that.


I love the word “fuck” by the way. Anyone who has got this far in reading this must realize that.


Back to what I was saying. I look like a fucking dork in this photo. From my half smile to the “too much” headroom to the “rock around the clock” jacket and yes – my brand spanking new glasses – dorky. I guess that’s a way good contrast to yesterdays photo, which I just thought I looked like an alpha male.


For the record (god I love that saying) – I am ***not*** an alpha male nor will I ever be able to encompass that type of person that makes an alpha male. Yes I am dominant though, VERY dominant in some ways…. but in a sort of different passive cool kind of approach.


Let me say this before I end this thing. If 4 people came to a stop sign at the exact same time in their cars and all were “legally” and “rightfully” able to go. I would be the first to go. And if someone else dared tried to challenge my confidence I’m driving my orange bright car right smack into theirs. Hasn’t happened yet because everyone else always stops when I seemingly just always without a doubt don’t hit he brakes and just GO. I always feel so proud. Is that bad? I like it.


Because you know what? That is what I do. I am not hesitant in my thoughts. I don’t second-guess ANY decisions I make. Even at stop signs and stoplights. I AM NOT INDESISIVE.


What you see is what you get.


Ryan Patrick Ward. You want him? Here he is.


Ask a question – I’ll give you the answer.


If you don’t want to hear the answer you know you should get, don’t fucking ask my ass because you’re in for REAL rude awakening.




April 14th, 2009


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Taken on April 14, 2009