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Canon 30D Shutter Button Repair! [8/365] [Dec 10] | by Ryan Shippelt
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Canon 30D Shutter Button Repair! [8/365] [Dec 10]








Details on taking apart the 20D/30D:

note: The only differences between the guide and 30D were: there is no screw 'M' and the rear cover has two ribbon cables and not one.



The shutter button that you don't NEED to buy, but rather clean instead!:



Flickr forum thread about this problem (110 replies):



More images from the last time I took apart my 30D:




So this year for Christmas I got myself a NEW camera. But basically it is the same camera... without the aggrivating delay/hesitation it once had.


While procrastinating (yea, I could start a lot of sentances with this) I decided to take apart my Canon 30D again. This time the intent was to clean it! From advice from a fellow flickr member Matt, I found out that the reason for the problem is just dust, dirt and corrosion.


SO I GOT TO IT! The body removal went as planned but when I attempted to remove the housing seen on the left of [10,11] I was greeted with dificulty. lame.It was a bit scary but I pried the whole ribbon cable away from the black plastic with a small leatherman knife. Then I used the knife to slowly get leverage under the tabs on the top/bottom to pop them over the plastic ridge. THEN everything came loose. The three layers in [10,11] didnt fall out but they are very loose and very light-weight and small. Also, I don't have a picture but the undersides of those round metal things were orangish-brown with corrosion.


I eventually decided to use a wet que tip to suction to them and pull them out delicately one by one. Then I used the alcohol to clean dirt... then the eraser to clean the corrosion... then another wipe of alcohol on the que tip. Also don't forget to clean the inside of the socket!


Then I used the q-tips again to suction the 3 layers back into spot in order (this was hard). Then after that I put the ribbon backing against the plastic with the two plastic pegs coming through the front holes. Then the outter bracked of the switch required a little finicking around with. I recommend using your fingernail with gentle and firm pressure down then in to get it over the lips on the top and bottom.


Now I reassembled and took the first picture [13] with glee. followed by another 20 some shots out of enjoyment of the shutter requiring no force to use! amazing :D :D


I was a happy kid. Merry Christmas Ryan!


So I ran to show my room mate and take other random shots around the house




This was a quick type up, if you want more details let me know!


UPDATE: I am putting together video instructions






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Taken on December 11, 2008