47th Anniversary Aikido Shinryukan International Gasshuku
On behalf of Shihan & Barbara Takase and the organising team for the 47th Anniversary Aikido Shinryukan International Gasshuku. We would like to thank all the participants both on the mat and behind the scenes for making this event the success we have come to enjoy each year.

This year we were given the opportunity to meet Aikikai Foundation representative Sensei Naoto Uchida and experience his youthful and dynamic technique. His approach to teaching was relaxed and humble when working with all our members. Prior to his departure Sensei Uchida expressed his gratitude to everyone who had travelled from overseas and throughout NZ in order to attend. He sincerely had a wonderful experience for his first time traveling to New Zealand.

Each year our organising team meets in July to prepare for the next annual Gasshuku. Shihan’s focus is to provide the opportunity for everyone to come together in one location under the tuition of an internationally recognised guest instructor. The three day intensive workshop is a positive atmosphere where participants can pace themselves and concentrate on improving their foundamental basics of Aikido.

We hope you will join us next year in celebrating our 48th Anniversary by attending the Aikido Shinryukan International Gasshuku being held over 2nd, 3rd and 4th March 2018.

Thank you all so very much again for taking part in this year’s event.

Kind regards
Simon Puffett
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