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  1. Gwen's River City Images 112 months ago | reply

    Oh , Oh... I'm eating and drinking in my library at this very minute. LOL!

  2. jessamyn 112 months ago | reply

    wow, is this some sort of old tymey thign, or is there a library that actually does this?

  3. mstephens7 112 months ago | reply

    Let's make as many RULES and put up as many BARRIERS as we can... that'll make people think of the library first now won't it???

    Come on people!

  4. The Shifted Librarian 112 months ago | reply

    unfortunately, this is very real. the staff absolutely hate it, and they've tried to fight it, but it's been handed down on stone tablets from the board. the library does some very cool things, so it was really depressing to walk in and see THIS.

  5. Rochelle, just rochelle 112 months ago | reply

    Boo! We've been allowing drink and non-messy food for several years, and aside from the person who likes to shell sunflower seeds from their hulls, we've not had ANY problems. No increase in bugs, no damaged materials, no ruined keyboards. Bummer.

  6. Miromurr 112 months ago | reply

    When I finally got to be the boss in my own library (small academic librari) the first thing I did was to invite people into the library WITH THEIR COFFEE! Sensation! Happy people, some who said they had not set their feet in the library for 10 years.

  7. Bill_Drew 112 months ago | reply

    We actively encourage students to bring in food and drink. We have even allowed them, at least I have, to order pizza and have it delivered for them to eat in our study rooms.

  8. Edward Vielmetti 112 months ago | reply

    bad library, no donut.

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