• this is a HUGE deal. it's easy to say "we'll handle it". It's much different to have someone on staff at all times who is actually capable of handling it at the moment. - jessamyn

You have new Picture Mail!

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  1. KatDeiss ages ago | reply

    That's the kind of customer service philosophy we should all subscribe to and enact! The key really is authority to do whatever it takes.

  2. The Shifted Librarian ages ago | reply

    Here's the kicker: on the room phones, there is a button that is labeled "consider it done." I called it to report that the thermostat in my room isn't working, but I got the message, "This number is not in service. Please check the number and place your call again."

    So I guess the key is really being able to reach the employees with the authority, rather than just having them available!

  3. p h o t o l i f e ages ago | reply

    I think the heart of the matter is not marketing a service until or unless the resources, infrastructure, and company goals are aligned to support it. Then authority -- or rather empowerment -- comes from shared objectives and shared access to resources which can bring about change.

    (I'm hoping your phone call was simply a technical glitch.)

  4. Tom Mandel ages ago | reply

    Sure, but don't we sometimes market a service to find out whether people really want it? That's often how we learn to tune those 'resources, infrastructure, and... goals' the right way. (still... I too hope the phone call problem was a glitch)

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