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He's got some growing to do to catch up with his whiskers!

Tom was born at the end of July 2009. He was orphaned and rescued then brought to us to be raised and released.


Update October 2009

Tom will not be released into wild after all - he has no upper teeth, following a mouth injury, so will be unable to feed himself in the wild or defend himself against other squirrels. He will also need his lower teeth clipping regularly to prevent them growing up into the roof of this mouth. As a result of his accident, which drove his lower teeth upwards, he has a hole in the roof of his mouth and it needs to be constantly monitored to ensure that it doesn't become infected. An odontoma is also possible.


Update January 2010:

Tom is growing into a very fine squirrel and has developed a grating technique with his lower teeth for eating unshelled nuts. He is particularly fond of plums and avocado and still loves his baby squirrel milk formula!


Update January 2011

Tom is doing very well indeed. He's fully grown, large, fluffy and healthy and loves scampering about in the semi-outdoor squirrel area. He snuggles with his friend in the nesting box at night and still can't get enough of the baby squirrel milk formula so I continue to mix up a special batch for him every day :-)


Update January 2012

Tom can't get enough cucumber this year! He still sees a vet every three months to check on his teeth and the hole in the roof of his mouth.


Update January 2013

Tom has finally grown in one of his upper teeth after all these years ... but it's coming out horizontally and growing backwards along the roof of this mouth so poor Tom now has to have yet another tooth trimmed! He hates tooth trimming day and hides in his hammock when he sees the vet with the clippers but is always very happy and friendly on other days! His current food craze is carrot - he buries his face inside a big carrot and slowly grates it with his lower teeth. When he does this, he stains his nose bright orange and looks very funny :)


Update January 2014

The tooth that Tom regrew last January suddenly began to spiral upwards and drill into his nasal cavity ... so he had to have it removed after all. The vet says he's doing very well and his muscular little body is amazingly strong. Sugar snap peas are his second favorite food now (avocado has always been his most favorite).


Update January 2015

Tom has been particularly enjoying baby squirrel milk formula over the last year. Whenever he sees me now, he jumps up out of his fleece hammock towards me, hoping this is the time of day that I've made up some milk formula for him.

Unfortunately we fear the odontoma, caused by the tooth injury when he was a baby, is now suddenly worsening and he may not have much time left.


Update February 25 2015

Tom died (he was nearly 6 years old) and is terribly missed.


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