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PCA149 - At the end of the line | by Lea and Luna
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PCA149 - At the end of the line

(Highest Explore #6, thanks!)


PCA 149 - 6-word Story

Mar 20-Apr 3, 2011 (2 weeks)

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Assignment: It is said that Ernest Hemingway was once asked to write a complete story in six words. There is speculation that maybe this was to settle a bar bet or perhaps as a challenge to other writers. In either case, this challenge is the basis for the assignment.


Many critics state that a good photograph has to tell a story in order to connect to the viewer. For this assignment I’d like you to compose a visual interpretation of a six-word story. Although I encourage you to write your own story, feel free to use the many six word stories available that could be the basis for your image.


There is definitely a chicken/egg aspect to this assignment depending on how you approach your creativity. Which comes first, the image or the story? A compelling photo composed through your creative eye may have enough depth to provide the seed for several six-word stories. On the other hand, a clever six-word story could be creatively interpreted by several different photographic concepts. There is no right or wrong way to approach the assignment.


By the way, Hemingway’s story is: "For sale: baby shoes, never used."


WIT: I love this train graveyard. I've been here before. I could spend all day here, but I only stopped for a few minutes this time. This little trolly is my favorite, so broken and battered, but still worth photographing. I think this was part of a private collection that was originially going to be a museum, then the owner died and now these trains and trollys have been left to rust on the roadside. Quite a sad end to its life. I'm sure many people road on this trolly, had conversations, ate their meals and maybe even made business deals.

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Taken on April 2, 2011