Old Truck

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    Spotted this old truck as I headed into the village of Acme for lunch (er... lunch at 2:30 or so in the afternoon)

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    1. Many Muses ages ago | reply

      Now this is gorgeous.

    2. Sherlock77 (James) ages ago | reply


      I took several different angles on this scene, finally settled on this one as the best

    3. Airflyte 49 [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I really like this one.

    4. CodeFin ages ago | reply

      This photo is very pleasing to me. It is soothing, and though forlorn, inviting.

    5. Sherlock77 (James) ages ago | reply

      Of note... This is not an abandoned building, I believe this shack is part of the Acme golf course... The truck has been parked for quite some time though I think...

    6. artbeco ages ago | reply

      What a beautiful shot. Love the tones and the muted colors and the whole composition... aaaahhhh.

    7. Mary Hockenbery (reddirtrose) ages ago | reply

      saw this at Utata spotlight - nice one!

    8. djune ages ago | reply

      jeepers creepers

    9. Remiss63 ages ago | reply

      what a beautiful photograph.
      http://www.utata.org/spotlights/14752.php (?)

    10. Sherlock77 (James) ages ago | reply

      Thanks all... So people still look through the old archives over at Utata apparently... Now to plot my return to Spotlight :) as this was my one and only time... Or better yet my first crack at the main Blog.. :)

    11. Michael's Way [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Great find.....just the kind of things I love to discover.

    12. Sherlock77 (James) ages ago | reply

      Thanks Michael,

      Other than the urban stuff, there are plenty of wide open spaces to explore out here while you're in the area, and the mountains are well worth checking out

    13. bill_anders ages ago | reply

      This makes me sad.

      I want to see that Stepside cleaned up and on the road...

    14. bill_anders ages ago | reply

      Oh yeah.

      And then in my driveway.


    15. shanetee 110 months ago | reply

      Of your derelict car shots this was a stand out for me. Nice composition. Would look great as a contrasty B&W (just my opinion).
      Great shot anyhow.

      I found this photo because you asked me to Explore My Photostream

    16. HNC Prints 55 months ago | reply

      Have thing for old and abandoned looking cars and buidlings and you've captured both quite nicely.

      Comment on my Stream

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