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TAGGED! My name is Sheree!  Answers UP! | by Sheree (Here intermittently)
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TAGGED! My name is Sheree! Answers UP!

I have been tagged by a couple of Flickr mates. I suppose it is time to respond. But I am not content with just writing 10 things about me.


How about if I make it a game? Just so it’s not so boring. Oh, I am so glad you agree.


Here goes:


TEN things that might, or might not, be TRUE about me. You decide.


1.I once rode with the Hell’s Angels OR I once hung out with John Kay of Steppenwolf (he wrote Born to be Wild, the Hell’s Angels anthem).


2.I don’t take drugs of any kind, except a natural drug called, adrenaline, to which I am seriously addicted! OR, I love the effect of drugs, especially illegal ones.


3.I promised myself that before I turned 55, I would have experienced an African safari OR that I would be a millionaire. One of these things will come true.


4.I was once a midwife OR I was once a rock and roll reporter.


5.I am a hard liquor drinker OR I am a very moderate drinker who loves a cold beer in the summer, and a nice room temperature merlot, at any time. Even for breakfast.


6.I have been arrested OR I nearly became a criminologist.


7.I am 5’2” with eyes of blue OR I am 5’7” with eyes of green.


8.I hate signs and regulations OR I embrace structure and rules.


9.I like the look of older men’s hands OR I am smitten by the works of Picasso.


10.I love the music of Dire Straits, Rod Stewart, and Faith Hill OR I like the sound of David humming off-key.


11.Bonus: I am a murder mystery playwright OR I am a children’s entertainer.


12. Freebie: I am the head Mama of one of Flickr's premier flower groups, "Mama's Bloomers."


Want answers? I will post those here after 24 hours have passed. In the meantime, I invite you to give it your best guess.




BTW, here are the rules if you are tagged:


Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick message will do). Don’t forget to link back to the person who tagged you!!!



Are you ready? Here are the answers!


1.Ride with the Hell's Angels? I was a wild child, a teen runaway, but I wasn't nuts. No, no...women were chattels among the Angels, and I belonged to nobody. Especially some stinky biker.


John Kay was one of the nicest, and most brilliantly talented men that I have ever met. Loved talking to this man.


2. I despise chemicals of all kinds, except natural ones. I don't even take aspirin.


3. Millionaire? I wish. No, David and I go off on our African safari (South Africa including Kruger National Park) in January 2010.


4. A bit of a trick question. I once began training to be a naturopath, herbologist, and midwife, but the lure of the media and the rock and roll world won out. Talk about complete opposites.


5. I really dislike hard liquor unless it is in a mixed drink, then it is okay. Otherwise, hand me my merlot. Even for breakfast.


6. I have not been arrested, but I have been "detained," on a few occasions. The cops in my small town just liked me, and didn't want me getting into serious trouble. So, they'd pick me up from time to time.


And, I nearly did became a criminologist. But I was already running our large special events company, and couldn't get my degree part-time, so I told the Dean I had to leave the program.


7. I am 5’2” with eyes of blue.


8. Structure and rules have their place, but I hate signs telling me that I can't do something to which I feel I am perfectly entitled.


9. I like the look of older men’s hands -- to me they are among the most beautiful things the Lord creates. I think Picasso needed art lessons! LOL


10. I love the music of Dire Straits, Rod Stewart, and Faith Hill. The sound of David humming off-key, or anyone humming off key -- that's my personal Hell!


11.Bonus: I was a murder mystery playwright for many years. And, I am a children’s entertainer, now. I make balloon animals.


12. Freebie: I am the head Mama of one of Flickr's premier flower groups, "Mama's Bloomers."


And now you know...but just wait till the next time I get tagged...that's when I will reveal the really juicy a true or false format, of course.


Thanks, my Flickr friends! For playing along.




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Taken on August 15, 2009