Vintage ''South Coast'' Fishermen
1954 onwards.... shared with us by Joe Miller, Swanage.

Raymond Blanchard is in a lot of them, he is the guy on the capstan on the Isle of Purbeck and shooting pots away and sorting Lobsters. He started his life fishing off Swanage, then skippered a couple of Browse boats from Paignton then bought a French crabber from Jersey and a Scottish trawler. He finished his days as an oil rig supply ship skipper in the South China Sea and passed away last year. Johnny Orchard in one of the Lucky Me photos bought the Well Try off of Hearty Browse and went potting off St Albins Head with his crew Jeff Churchill from Studland. Jeff ended up with the french crabber Mez crez and then built a fast potter, Rapid Return and ran her out of Poole. Bob Harris and his son Nigel had the Peveril Pride WH24 built at weymouth (34ft crabber) by James and Caddy in about 1968 before that they had a 24ft Brighton beach boat called Kentish Maid which my dad bought off them. Peter Haine owned the Superb in the photo, he bought that from Salcombe in 1981. before that he was skippering crabbers in Jersey for about 10 years. the Fin Ar Bed, St Remy and Kerlock i think. After the Superb he bought the Etoire De Marin from Colin Cook in Jersey which was lost in the channel.
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