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Oneonta Ice Falls

This shot goes out to Zeb Andrews, the Oneonta ice pioneer! I was supposed to join him yesterday morning, but couldn't due to work conflicts and he couldn't make the Saturday morning run. Bummer!


Shooting this location in the ice has been on my hit list for about 2 or 3 years now. I've done it in high water January back when I was shooting 4x5 film (Winter Runoff) but missed the chance to go during last year's massive snowstorm. This year was perfect though!


I donned a pair of chest waders with a wetsuit underneath just in case I took a tumble. I also brought a non-photographer friend who was up for the adventure. (Thanks for joining, Kerry!) The hike in involved a lot of wading and falling/breaking through the ice, got up to waist deep in a lot of places.


It's a blast of a trip, and my toes are still trying to thaw out.




Canon 1Ds Mark III



2 Seconds

ISO 100


3 exposure hand blend, one for shadow detail, one polarized and one unpolarized.

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Taken on December 12, 2009