The Kiss!

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    Sea anemone Physobrachia

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    1. nelgallan ages ago | reply

      im just glad to be part of the team :)

    2. Su-chan ages ago | reply

      Amazing! (love the title)

    3. Shek Graham ages ago | reply

      OMG - Woo hoo! I think I'm dreaming. LOL

      Francois, J!mbo, Marian & Beata, Laurence, gdiaz, Tjsue (!!!!!), nelgellan, moomim, Automatt, worldwide I love you - soft voters one and all - but it's OK if it's on mine!! ;)))))

      tallkev, panyyawhatever, Theresa, steurnerin, yeenogood, Rimbad, dj, yip2million I love you also, but only today! :)

      Seriously, thanks for all the saves and nice comments and the rest of you...... xxxxxxx

    4. alphadesigner ages ago | reply

      dear god, i go on vacation and people start saving stuff like this. what is this world coming to?

    5. PAИ ages ago | reply

      old spaghetti powa

    6. ~~ zorro ~~ ages ago | reply

      pretty cool the life sub-aquatic. be great to see this animated and moving...

    7. Shek Graham ages ago | reply

      @NB40 - hah, snuck it in whilst you weren't looking ;)

      @PAfunnysquiggle - spaghetti power? I'm not Italian - I'm an Auuuuustrrraaaaliaaan! Unless you mean the anemone which does sort of look like someone eating spaghetti! LOL

    8. mtyto ages ago | reply

      Stunning colours, it is just so beautiful. I love the title. Great shot.

    9. Robin Thom ages ago | reply

      Just checked in on my kid's computer...mine is being swapped.

      Nice move. I would have saved it too...

      althought the two polyps top left had me really unsettled and distracted. ;-)

    10. Jim Skea ages ago | reply

      Well done.

      I count 10 valid saveme votes and tags on this so I'm tagging it for The Safe.

    11. Shek Graham ages ago | reply

      Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! Yippee! :))))))

    12. MizzChievouz ages ago | reply

      A Big FaveA Big Fave
      You are invited to add this image to
      Please tag this photo with ABigFave when you add it to the pool.

    13. Shek Graham ages ago | reply

      Thank you MizzChievouz! (Great name, LOL)

    14. nelgallan ages ago | reply

      well i dont have and uber big gif, but i do have a question =)

      what kind of camera enclosure are you using?

    15. Shek Graham ages ago | reply

      @nelgallan - a bit late - but it's an Ikelite casing.

    16. Zita Kamugira ages ago | reply

      I saw this in the 25+ Faves group and Faved it.

    17. Caneles ages ago | reply

      I saw this in the 25+ Faves group and Faved it.

    18. Josep M. Pons ages ago | reply

      I saw this in the 25+ Faves group and Faved it.

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