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安平海邊 - 四草練習場 / 車友聚會 - 安全駕駛訓練課程

Anping harbor beach - The parking lot of the Four grass / Motor Bikers party - Safe driving training program

安平港浜 - 4草/オートバイバイカーズパーティーの駐車場 - 安全に訓練の課程を運転します

Playa de Anping puerto - El estacionamiento de la hierba Cuatro / Parte Motocicletas Bikers - Programa de entrenamiento de conducción seguro

Anping Hafen Strand - Der Parkplatz des Four Gras / Motorräder Bikers Party - Sicherer treibender Trainingskurs

plage et du port d'Anping - Le parking de l'herbe Quatre / Moto Bikers partie - Programme de formation moteur sûr


Anping Tainan Taiwan / Anping Tainan Taiwán / 台灣台南安平


微風往事 /清新集 / Pure heart set / Instruments Version

{Breeze past events / でき事を過ぎた微風}


{View large size on fluidr}


追蹤攝影術 / Tracing photography / Fotografía de trazado / たどる写真撮影 / Verfolgenfotographie


{My Blog / 2009 Zeelandia city-Anping melody of the sword Lions}

{My Blog / 2009熱蘭遮城-劍獅追想曲}

{Mi ciudad blog / 2009 de Zeelandia - melodía de Anping de los leones de la espada}

{My Blog / 2009熱の蘭遮城-剣の獅子は曲を追憶します}

{Meine Blog / 2009 Zeelandia Stadt - Anping-Melodie der Klinge Löwen}


書中風起雲動 劍下虎嘯龍吟

The book stroke have the clouds to move under the sword the tiger's roar and dragon to recite



Who knows the success or failure already to decide for GOD


回首江山依舊 入眼夕陽正紅

Who looks back on the landscape as before pleasant setting sun is red now



Hopes the persons long-time sentiment exist



The Zeelandia's swordsman regretless not regrets

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Taken on November 21, 2010