Day 51, Some day someone lights up your world

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    Today a relative offered me some small premises on in a garden center and restaurant he owns there are all ready 3 little craft type business,s there

    He said i could set up a studio for portraits and stuff, but I havent a clue how to do it what i need health and safety or anything,

    have searched the web and cant find anything specific to photographic studio regulations

    it would be a huge opportunity for me
    but i dont have a clue how to do it

    I have to let my uncle know by this Wednesday eeekk

    1. ClaraDon 109 months ago | reply

      Go to Yahoo Answers in the Photography section. There are many pros in there answering questions for people trying to get started.
      Good luck. Go to

    2. little oven [deleted] 109 months ago | reply

      Sounds like a small market and could be good, but I have to question maybe how many people would be looking for photography when visiting a garden centre; it's not exactly what I would call a complimentary business. Having said that, where is the natural place for a studio anyway. I personally wouldn't worry too much about regulations where photography is concerned because there are unlikely to be many issues - maybe think about some public liability insurance and security for your gear, but beyond that I would probably just dive in. Consider reviewing a site like for some ideas too...

    3. starman 59 109 months ago | reply

      Good luck with the oppertunity - hope it works out for you
      If you go ahead you'll have to let us know where it is ? .... Jeff

    4. Gay Biddlecombe 109 months ago | reply

      Lucky you .. I wish someone would offer me such a space. Go for it.Just exhibiti your work in frames and others just mounted and see how they sell. This could be the start of something big ......

    5. revness 109 months ago | reply

      Go for it Andrea what have you got to lose?? Wish someone would offer me a small workspace to get creative and see where it takes me, not an opportunity to pass up I'd say!!

    6. Andreas-photography 109 months ago | reply

      revness about £1000 setting up and insurance, its a hard one I am not getting much work coming in right now as every one can take pictures, I want to aim more towards babies and small children, I have just started a voucher scheme with a local childrens shop offering a voucher for a free session when they spend X amount only started Saturday so perhaps i may wait and see how that goes

      I dont know if my landscape images are good enough to sell not really sure what people want from a picture

    7. revness 109 months ago | reply

      I know its difficult, I'm not getting much work either for the same reasons, plus the general economy means ' luxury ' purchases are not top of the list. Landscape is without doubt the most difficult and over saturated market in photography. Good luck to you whatever you choose, the voucher scheme sounds like a good idea though.

    8. Abbie Lou 109 months ago | reply

      Love the pic! what a great opportunity to be offered, although saying that many shops or cafe/restaurants are quite happy for you to exhibit and sell photos on their premises. Does it mean that you will have to be there all day/everyday? Maybe alongside framed prints you could also sell greeting cards etc of some of your images!

    9. la Zep 109 months ago | reply

      Very good opportunity Andrea ! Expect little, and maybe gain a lot of experience if not money ! There are a huge amount of photographers out there, but maybe if you have the edge, you'll do well! Lots of my friends get photos of their children on key rings , its a popular and cheap idea !
      Good luck !

    10. ttelyob 108 months ago | reply

      You are invited to add this great photo to Kugel {Ball}

      From Kugel {Ball}

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