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On the Radio 1937 - Sears Silvertone Model 4465

Silvertone Model 4465 (1937)


Warm rich tones with beautiful details.

I love listening to this radio!


Long before Television, the "Golden Age of Radio" captured the imagination and attention of many Americans in their homes. The ability to bring broadcasts news about WWII or entertainment such as Comedies, Dramas, Mysteries, Westerns, Superheroes and most importantly Music right to the living room. Radio broadcasts were so much a part of everyday life that it took one simple measure form the listener and that was the ability to use the minds eye. The one simple thing that allowed the listener to be entertained was Imagination.

I have many things that belonged to my Grandparents and this cherished Sears Silvertone Radio from 1937 being one of them.

The radio now sits in my living room and more admired for it's beautiful wood tone and design than it's original purpose.

I've listen to the radio at night, with the lights turned down low curled up on the couch and my eyes closed as the local AM station played late night originals from the 1930's and 40's my favorite being Tarzan!

When listening to the radio, There is no picture, no color only sound and makes the listener transform the entertainment in their minds eye in to color and picture!


This receiver is eight tube, A-C, Superheterodyne with

a BRODCAST, POLICE, and FOREIGN wave band.

Summer Series 1937


Tubes and Their Functions:



6C5G Oscillator

6L7G Translator


6Q7G AVC - Detector - AF

6N6G Output

5Y3 Rectifier

6G5 Tuning Eye


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