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Flash Parker's Beat Lab, Sheridan, Wyoming, USA.

Project 366. Day 21.



So I don't come across as completely redundant, I'll be posting the walkthrough for each image in its entirety to my Facebook page - so head on over, make sweet love to the LIKE button, and follow along.



- SB-80DX,28" softbox, high camera left

- SB-80DX, snooted, behind subject, aimed at wall

- Flashwaves Triggers


The Story.

Back in February I started work on a project. The genesis of that project was to craft a workbook of my favorite lighting designs, and to push myself to try new techniques. I wanted to do something that would keep me busy in the dead of winter and while I wasn't on assignment, but it grew and grew and grew... and left me with this mess.


And thus this Project 366 was born. The goal is to use, shape, mod and mold light 366 different ways. It's an ambitious goal, and I can tell you from time to time I stumble. Sometimes I fall flat on my face. Not every one of the images included are world-beaters, but then some of them never were designed to be. I've held back from posting this for quite some time because I wanted to make sure that I could see it through - if I'm out shooting all day on assignment, sometimes the last thing I want to do is come home and shoot some more. But I did it, all for the sake of light. And now I'm going to share it.


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Taken on March 11, 2012