Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Window Large Format Photo Shoot

LOVE the Bergdorf windows this year! They've used several large format cameras as props.

  • danielklaas 3y

    Hm. Wonder if that camera still works...
  • danielklaas 3y

    BTW that's come up pretty decent pushed to 1600.
  • Roobit 3y

    oh, that's hilarious
  • removabledante 3y

    I went to see the windows a few nights ago, really amazing. Bergdorf always has the best displays. I wonder if those monsters are operational.
  • Ted Jensen 3y

    Very cool, and how's your LF?
  • Shawn Hoke 3y

    @Daniel, thanks I was pretty pleased with the Tri-X, esp. considering how dark it was.

    @Dante, are those windows just insane? One of the only thing that gets me to Midtown.

    @Ted, it's great! Works wonderfully and I'm enjoying the process of loading film, figuring out how to develop (using the taco method in a tank), and am now learing to do contact prints. Also just got some expired Polaroid film for it from Ebay!
  • daisy jars 3y

    this is so awesome. the light is so cool.
  • Barry Yanowitz 3y

    so cool!
  • Shawna 3y

    These are wonderful!
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