This is "The Great Wall of Crenshaw", a very large Los Angeles street mural that runs from south to north up the west side of Crenshaw Boulevard from 50th Street to Westmount Drive, one block west of Crenshaw High School.

The site of many past murals in the 1980's and '90s that sometimes lasted only for days, this present incarnation has survived for years with only minimal rogue tagging.

You can see the mural as a slideshow with this link:

If you'd like to see a monster stitched panorama of these images, you can download the file. You will probably have to save it on your computer and view it directly in Windows Photo Gallery. It's much too large for most browsers to handle -- 37984 x 611 pixels. (It does load correctly with Mozilla Firefox, but not consistently with Internet Explorer and Chrome)

Here's the URL for the stitched panorama:

Although The Great Wall of Crenshaw is one of the longest mural walls in Los Angeles, it isn't the biggest. That honor goes to "The Great Wall of Los Angeles", 2,754 feet long (over 1/2 mile), located on the westerly wall of the Tujunga Wash flood control channel in North Hollywood, beginning at the intersection of Coldwater Canyon Blvd. and Oxnard Blvd. (To match that, The Great Wall of Crenshaw would have to extend another 7 blocks to about 100' south of Slauson!!)

Go see The Great Wall of Los Angeles in person to get its full impact,

To see 9 images of what this wall looked like before the Great Wall mural, go to this other set:

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