Hope for The Son

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    Pre-Obamaian Period (lol)

    The grass is hardly greener on the "other side." This photo is very interesting to me. At first I dismissed it as another one of my badly washed out photos. But coming across it again by accident, I noticed the contrast between the colorful grass and the subjects' state.

    To me, this photograph shows the continued struggle of The African-American Experience in America today. Isn't it something how the boy is already perceived to be "behind bars" before he ever truly gets a chance to become a man?

    His shorts unveil that he's a soldier in this struggle but in who's army?
    He is clearly the next generation in the "forefront" but what will he do to get out of his current struggle?

    He is overshadowed by his father, who is unable to look forward (towards the light of the lens) because of the preoccupations of his own struggles. Stripped of the shirts off their backs, they are vulnerable in this cruel and dark world.

    However, the brightness behind them reveals hope from a source not of this earth.

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    1. annappleaday 102 months ago | reply

      shavar~!!! love it~!!!!

    2. SammyKhoo 102 months ago | reply

      Great shot! A certain spontaneity about it.

    3. bft 102 months ago | reply

      Very nice setting and touching story.

    4. .incognito. [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

      Wow..thats very powerful


    5. kumo36 102 months ago | reply

      excellent work!

    6. │:│chelle's view│:│ 102 months ago | reply

      Deep and extremely creative.

      "...a soldier...but in who's army?"
      "hope from a Source not of this earth"

      I want to read more to the story and see the pics that go along with it!

    7. AngelaGilesKlocke [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

      It's excellent! I love photos that speak to me...

    8. joujoubee 102 months ago | reply

      I liked this photo before I read your analysis of it, now I like it even more. Thanks.

    9. carf 102 months ago | reply

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    10. H2ORANGE 102 months ago | reply

      Great capture Shavar... the colors add a bit of poetry to the shot.

      I grew up on the east coast whole heartedly disagreeing with the comments you've made. After living all over the east coast andf midwest, I finally came to California and have sinced faced more racism and judgement than ever in my life.... in only 2 years!!

      With the help of the Katrina disaster and my own experience, among those of many others... I couldn't agree with you any more, my man.

      Thanks for the poetry...

    11. janiceccd [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

      For such a hard bright background I think you have managed to show us a very colourful couple. Well shown. Also enjoyed your notes too, Thank you...

    12. mylilpip 102 months ago | reply

      you have a great eye for color and contrast. also,your photos portray a great sense of humanity

    13. A N G E L 102 months ago | reply

      I think of these two often...

    14. Shavar Ross 102 months ago | reply

      Thank you guys!

    15. tawfique [deleted] 102 months ago | reply


    16. ::enrapture:: 101 months ago | reply

      love this image and your description. incredible work as always!

    17. bosorka [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

      great shot, the colours are striking!

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