Lucy on her two-week birthday

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    You are free of cords and wires, my dear. You are home and doing splendidly.

    Happy Birthday!

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    1. Kate Chan 80 months ago | reply

      Utterly perfect.
      Congratulations, you THREE!

    2. JWittman17 80 months ago | reply

      Lucy - welcome to the world. You are a beauty!

      Shauna and Chef - congratulations to you both!

    3. LCarolJohnson 80 months ago | reply

      Happy 2 week birthday Lucy! Take care little one. : )

    4. celestialspirit13 80 months ago | reply

      what sweet little lips.
      and the hair! she has so much more hair than our little man.

    5. carrie.adair 80 months ago | reply

      Congrats you two on your little one! She looks so happy and HEALTHY!! Enjoy!

    6. Kimsue2 80 months ago | reply

      Welcome home, Lucy. You are a beautiful one. Congratulations, Shauna and Chef! You made a sweet baby.

    7. TheWoodenSpool 80 months ago | reply

      so precious!
      so glad for you!

    8. vernzap2000 80 months ago | reply

      If that is not a picture of health - and beauty - then I don't know what is. Congratulations!

    9. Elise Bauer 80 months ago | reply

      She is so beautiful. Welcome home Lucy!

    10. karri allrich 80 months ago | reply

      So glad to hear the good news! Beautiful. Enjoy every second.

    11. tartelette 80 months ago | reply

      My favorite name in the whole wide world. You guys did good, she is beautiful!

    12. amyjo13 80 months ago | reply

      She looks like her daddy! It has all been said many times at this point, but I will say it again - congratulations to you both. Revel in the joy of it - it only gets better! All the best wishes in the world to you three.

    13. Andi Sibley 80 months ago | reply

      Welcome Home beautiful darling girl!

    14. maegkuehner 80 months ago | reply

      What a combination of you two. Enjoy the fleeting, precious and sometimes exasperating time at home with your new little lady.

    15. Warda | 64 sq ft kitchen 80 months ago | reply

      She is so adorable! I am so happy for you!

      Welcome home, Lucy!

    16. Moxieg 80 months ago | reply

      Congratulations to you and your wee one. Lucy -- your parents have one of the best love stories ever and you are so beautiful. All the best, from a local GFG fan.

    17. yank ajaxer 80 months ago | reply

      reading that lucy came home after getting back from our trip to dordogne, france, without internet made it so worthwhile!!

      happy 2 weeks. little lucy! i'm glad you are home and thriving :)

    18. shauna | glutenfreegirl 80 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much, everyone. We feel so grateful to have her healthy (and vigorously so! she gained three inches in three weeks!) and alive. And to have her be so much a part of the world.

      What a beautiful community.

    19. critterbugsmom2002 80 months ago | reply

      Hello, Lucy! You are beautiful. I am so glad for you that you are away from all the medical stuff, and home with your parents! And I hope that your parents are doing well, and are resting up some, and finally catching their breath after the whirlwind that your birth and illness has been. Peace to you and yours! Blessed be.

    20. judywitts 79 months ago | reply

      Tanti Auguri!

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