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Day 332 - Sheep discovers Mummy's Tomb

In 1922 on November the 4th Howard Carter discovered the Tomb of Tutankhamun.


Discovering Tombs sounded like a fun activity to me so I set out with my trusty shovel to discover a tomb of my own.


I started digging here and digging there and suddenly, it was already getting dark, I had found something.


It looked like an entrance to a tomb. I took my shovel and carefully kicked the door in.

You can imagine my surprise when suddenly a real mummy jumped out of the tomb and started crouching towards me. The thing made some ghastly sounds and soon it loomed over me. I was bracing myself for the course of the mummy.


Only when I opened my eyes again did I realize that it wasn’t a mummy at all, it was only little Pip!


He had become wrapped up in some toilet paper he was playing with. Just when I thought I was saved he started licking my face and then ran away yapping Pip Pip.


Ah well, I guess having to wash my snout was the lesser of two evils, but still irgh... :-)

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Taken on November 4, 2008