udon noodles, with vegetables and tofu

Delicous. Midori's Floating World Cafe is a favorite. The noodles were springy and light, the vegetarian broth tasty, and the bowl chock full of tofu and my favorite veggies. Sigh.

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  • malcolm brent 10y

    nice lighting and color effects..really got that hot sumptuous feeling of the afternoon
  • FFSally 10y

    Never mind the lighting, look at the SOUUUUUUUUUUP.

    Oh, I'm hungry now.
  • Helen Clark 10y


    who would have thought vegan food porn would work so well?
  • sharyn morrow 10y

    Heehee. It was *really* tasty.
  • teruterubouzu 10y

  • sharyn morrow 10y

    Sorry FFS, didn't mean to make you hungry...or did I? Mouhahaha!

    Teruterubouzu, it was oishii! Have you been there yet?
  • FFSally 10y

    My diet has gone tits up now thanks to you! Heh.

    How long did it take you to type all those tags!
  • anzyAprico 10y

    Oh, yummy yummy♪ I love UDON!!!
  • teruterubouzu 10y

    I tagged it oishii because it looked so yummy. There's a restaurant called oishii? Where?
  • sharyn morrow 10y

    Ha! No, I knew oishii meant delicious...but I was asking if you'd been to Midori's Floating World Cafe yet. But maybe we should open a restaurant called Oishii...hmmm.
  • teruterubouzu 10y

    I'm such a dork! This is what happens when you work too much and are too stressed out to sleep.

    Yes, I have been to Midori's. Yum.

    A restaurant called Oishii would also be great. I wish we had more cute little design-y restaurants here in Minneapolis/St. Paul.
  • Just Nora 10y

    Wow this looks delicious!
  • prettypeach 7y

    It looks sumptuous! Can make one hungry! I have added your pix in Wikiasiantravel with the proper attributions. See your delectable dish and other mouthwatering cuisine in the Gallery.
  • Douglas Clark 6y

    Great photo! I'm working on a student interior design project and needed some presentation images for a noodle house I'm designing. Your picture was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the beautiful (and mouthwatering) photo. : )

  • Laurianne... 5y

    Mooi beeld, kan je z.s.m contact opnemen met ons! we willen het beeld graag gebruiken. laurianne@staatamsterdam.nl
  • Laurianne... 5y

    Could you please contact me?
    We would like to use your pics for a nice project in Den haag.

    Kind regards,

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