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Day #163 - Solar Powered

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I was initially excited about this shot...the way the sun beamed through me like that, but I really wanted to capture the feeling of both my own power and freedom that being out on two wheels gave me. In this shot I really could be doing anything apart from riding a bike...straightening out a length of twisted spagehetti, pinning two attackers down( whilst a passer by calls the police), practicing my butterfly stroke.. or rolling out a giant sheet of pastry for my exciting record attempt at ' The World's Largest Jam Tart'.

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  1. coalandice001 95 months ago | reply

    All true - but to me the shot
    speaks of heat, perspiration
    and exhaustion. Lawrence
    crossing the Sun's Anvil
    early in the morning to
    rest at mid day

  2. Rick Alan's Picks 95 months ago | reply

    I think you have every right to be excited about this shot........whatever your imagination tells you that you could've been doin'.

    "Seen in my lack of ability to post an html code about contact lists"

  3. ♥CatMarie 95 months ago | reply

    I love this shot! You kind of look like Robert Plant here.

  4. sosij 95 months ago | reply

    RIcks Picks...I code most of my html manually, but for the thing you speak of I think you need Greasemonkey

  5. Stewart McDonald Photography [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

    This is a great shot, as rick says it does not matter what you are actually doing in the shot, it's more what the viewer perceives you to be doing. I like this shot a lot, the bonus (or meant) is you have this beautiful sun flare from under your arm, very well done , the flare could easily have washed out the entire shot.

  6. Elfworld 95 months ago | reply

    Excellent colors and light in this one. Great idea as well.

  7. Love Street Photography (Melanie) 95 months ago | reply

    Well you look like a super cool Hippie Chick and I adore this!!! Fantastic!!!

  8. pauly... 95 months ago | reply

    straightening out a length of twisted spaghetti???

    and yes, if you would pin down the two attackers, i would call the police.

    it's a fantastically cool shot. usually when i get a cool sun shot like this, it's an accident.

  9. KarenMarleneLarsen 95 months ago | reply

    I think we need to start making you the lycra superheroine costume

  10. DJAd_ [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

    The sun looks great coming through into the picture.

  11. VROG in Bristol 95 months ago | reply

    if you stare at the sun for long enough you actually travel back in time to the 1970s
    but don't worry - sosij will be there to greet you - she cycled

  12. naughtonlucy 95 months ago | reply

    'pinning two attackers down( whilst a passer by calls the police)'

    lol! I love this idea!! You have one hand on each head and they are writhing around like eels and the beam of sunlight is actually the copper's torch, oooo errrrrrr

  13. abchick 95 months ago | reply

    Dig it, sosij...like that bright, bright sunlight coming through (or out of) you!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  14. Sorgine 95 months ago | reply

    Oh!!! this is gorgeous!!!
    You have all the right to be excited about this picture! it's gorgeous!!

  15. susiejulie 95 months ago | reply

    this is so great! amazing sun flare there.

    this looks like a 60s record album cover--awesome!

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