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Day #118 - Barefoot in Bluebells

Every alternate weekend as a child was spent visiting my Grandparents in Kent. Most family walks and excursions were during those weekends away from home. Bluebell wood, near Cranbrook, was a sight so magical, I thought it was unique to Kent. That smell and the sounds I tagged to it, stayed imprinted in my memory and I associated it to my Grandparents and time spent with them. I was quite old before I realised that these woods were everywhere and a sight to look forward to and make time to visit each year.


Hitchwood is right on my doorstep, it was beautiful there today, my favourite shade of blue stretches far and wide, just when you think you've seen it all, you are drawn by an unseen little fuzz of blue, which opens out into another glorious and surprising expanse of intense colour, it's hard to do the fabulous sight justice. I wish I could have uploaded the heavy scent that surrounded me and the sound of distant echos of children excitedly running ahead of their parents, as their need to see more grabbed both their enthusiasm and their energy. This is a very special place...alone with my memories and my camera, for the time I was there, it was all mine.


#4 in Explore, 30 April 2007



In memory of '&e' with much love ((xXx))


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  • Aldo Andrés, Mi Mirada!!!! 5y

    preciosa combinación de colores!!!! y eres bellisima!

  • Massimo Scanavino 5y

  • Jens Roesner PRO 5y

    175 comments? Wow. Usually I don't comment on shots with that type of accolade - what could I say more?!
    But this is such a wonderful shot! Obviously, the matching colour, but even the pattern of your dress matches the bluebells. And that lightmood alone would be a winner! (Lightmood totally should be a word, dear spellchecker!)
    And yes, it doesn't hurt that it is rather sexy.
    There, I said it.
  • sosij PRO 5y

    @Jens, thanks for leaving me the kind comment, I know what you mean...when images have pages and pages, you think, everything is said and the photographer probably doesnt even notice one more comment. I do and I also like 'lightmood' and shall use it this week in my comments on any images I find that fit! Nice one.
  • Stewart James Bim-Merle 5y

    You got to love this the matching dress with nature... You got a great eye... Stewart James
  • Robert Jurjevic PRO 5y

    thought to wait until the next bluebell season but decided to show it to you now :)

    Bluebell by robert.jurjevic
  • Cumbrian Snapper 4y

    Striking image
  • Michael Lim ( I am off for a while, take care!) 4y

    Everything is in a nice saturated blue! Wonderful place for us too. I will keep your picture and see if I can go there one day for a look too. Thanks for a beautiful picture of a beautiful place!
  • • Brittie • 3y

    okay, so this one just totally blew me away from the keyboard, it's so stunning!
  • james_the_photographer PRO 3y

    lovely photo
  • Tiny & Uncut 3y

    Nice Composition...
  • sosij PRO 3y

  • Philip Nijman PRO 2y

    Love it.
  • SussexSnapper 2y

    This still looks amazing Sharon :)
  • sosij PRO 2y

    Ahhh thanks Sussex Snapper :)
    More soon!
  • Ken Gilbert PRO 2y

  • John PRO 6mo

    Such a beautiful shot !! Excellent work !!
  • The Canon PRO 6mo

    Still my favourite Sosij Shot. Love it.
  • sosij PRO 3mo

    This weekend I fulfilled a beautiful dream. I photographed a wedding in bluebell woods. HEAVEN
  • The Canon PRO 3mo

    sosij That would be worth seeing. I imagine you were in heaven!
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