UrbanPromise St. Wilfrid's Work Day
Nov. 17, 2012: Over 110 volunteers joined UrbanPromise on Saturday, November 17 to assist with demolition and renovation projects at St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church in the city of Camden. Volunteers included adults, teens, and children from Ann's Love Builds of Media Presbyterian Church, FCA of South Jersey, Pedro Guzman of San Andres in Camden, the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township, and Princeton University's lacrosse team. The group gutted the church's house, painted the church, cleaned the yard and trimmed bushes, and fixed broken windows and old pews.

The house on the St. Wilfrid's property, which has been generously donated to UrbanPromise, saw 750 hours of service--which amounts to around $10,000 in work hours saved!
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